Our Vision

We believe in adding value to the African community in Belgium and beyond by empowering the diaspora youth. We show them the possibilities.


The African diaspora youth faces a lot of challenges in navigating the maps of a world that has not always had her best interest at heart. Whether it is the historical perception conceived falsely or the cultural differences that ignites misunderstanding or the underrepresentation of them in the media, politics, education and public services, these are all evidence that the diaspora youth needs a strong push from behind and pull from ahead to help them unleash their untapped potential.

We are here to be the change we long to see.We believe in adding value to the African continent by empowering the diaspora youth through inspiring events and networking.

We aim to accomplish these goals through various programs about different topics such as cultural awareness, academic and professional skills development, entrepreneurship and mentorship.


Our Story

We come together to change the narratives of the past, to forge and to shape tomorrow.

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YABs was created after noticing the increasing lack of visibility of theAfrican community in the general society. When we look at most sectors, whether professional or otherwise, we are strongly underrepresented. This underrepresentation can give our youth the wrong impression about their potential and as a result lead them to make choices, professional or otherwise, that don’t reflect their true potential, let alone their hopes or dreams.

An incorporated nonprofit in Antwerp Belgium since March 2017, YABs Network was established by the youth for the youth. We encourage and welcome the youth to join us, in any way possible, so that today we can shape our tomorrow, for we are truly the future.


Our work

  • Workshops around career, entrepreneurship

  • Leadership and role model Conferences

  • Promoting academic, professional development and


  • Providing a mentorship program geared toward the youth;

  • Inspiring the youth to aspire for more through events and


  • Connecting the youth with one another and connecting

    them with role models.

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Our 4BE’s



You lead yourself or others will lead you. 
You are being influence all the time 
We are all born to lead but to lead is to be developed


Find yourself. Find what makes you
Become one with your personality
Build self-esteem and confidence and walk in boldness.


Invest in yourself 
Enhance your skills and become.
Become deliberately in life
Allow others to invest in you and you invest in others.
Each one, Teach one.


Take initiatives to make things happen
Take responsibility, modify and keep moving 
Always be progressing with success in mind.