We inspire young Africans in Belgium to challenge the past, to forge and to shape the future. 


“We push the next generation to go beyond the past, to forge their own paths and to shape the future. ”

OUR PURPOSE as an organisation is to play a major role in small steps in the formation of mindset, shaping character and the proper representation of Africa and Africans. This by developing the leadership skills of our participants.We seek to inspire in them a deep hunger for creativity, progress and success in their pursuit in different arenas of life.We push the next generation to go beyond the past and to forge their own paths to the future.

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YABs NETWORK, Young Africans Belgians Network is a not-for-profit organisation

working for social, academic, professional advancement and integration of young people of African decent. We stand for diversity, collaboration and leadership development that

provides clear direction and information for building a successful future.


We’re developing and building impact-makers of tomorrow


Hunger For Success conference 2019

Hunger For Success Conference is an exciting event organised for people of African decent meant to engage, stimulate and inspire them to keep improving their lives and that of their communities.

We invite you to join us on September 07, 2019 for our yearly #HFS conference. The location is Africa Museum Tervuren.